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Sao Diseng 扫地僧

Logo/Packaging Design
Wanjin Agriculture Co.

"Saodi Seng" is one of the most important fruit brands under WanJin Agricultural Company , dedicated to producing the most original and eco-friendly premium "Wogan" oranges based on the soil and water of Wuming, China. The brand advocates for a pure relationship between nature and food, emphasizing on product quality over quantity.

Paper Bag Design

The brand name "扫地僧 Saodi Seng" is the Chinese pronunciation of "sweeper of the ground". The brand's logo also depicts a calm and stoic image of a robed, broom-wielding sweeping monk focused on a few grains of fruit on the ground. In Chinese culture, the sweeping monk is widely seen as a symbol of Zen and meditation, echoing the brand's philosophy of nature, originality, health and peace.

The design and text of the brand logo, as well as the extended packaging design, utilizes Chinese oriental elements such as the texture of the brush in calligraphy and the "nailhead painting" in Chinese painting, demonstrating the values and aesthetics of traditional Chinese culture embedded in the brand.

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