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Fan’s Bible

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This is a book about Asian fans showcasing the "faith" of young Asians in a new age of atheism where God has actually become an idol/influencer.

In Japan, Korea and China, following celebrities has become a culture. I tried to deconstruct their inner world and found an essential connection between group behavior and religion. Fans are usually dissatisfied or desperate with the real world and see idols as their emotional support or the ultimate goal to pursue. Similar to religion, idols are a kind of utopia.

According to the three chapters of the Diamond Sutra, I have used idols, fan clubs, and fan guides to correspond to the Buddhist "covenant Buddha," "church," and "practice manual," with an appendix of fan terminology.

The illustrations are based on traditional Chinese paintings combined with modern idol elements.

The Bible is presented in an absurd way.And the  format follows the Chinese style of scripture reading from right to left, with vertical text.