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Book Design
The book takes the “Floater Phenomenon” as the starting point and uses comics to focus on the "chase for perfection in life", similar to the visualization of "cognitive therapy" in psychology.

“Perfection is subjective and has no standard,
Perfection is a never-ending run.
When people have an almost harsh pursuit of perfection, they look like a plankton sometimes, they are hollow and busy, just to achieve a sustainable "perfect moment", in the midst of great anxiety and a sense of shortageI suffer from floaters, and strictly speaking, every image I stare at is full of impurities and flaws.
But as a perfectionist, the mental state of "unacceptable imperfection" has long been accepted, accustomed, and infinitely weakened
on the physical level.
In the halls of living, every brick is imperfect. But if you selectively step over it, will you reach the balcony full of beautiful views faster?”

Screen printing to simulate the "imperfect world" as seen by people with floaters.

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